[thelist] Jumping In With Both Feet

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Tue Dec 11 10:38:11 CST 2001

sorry aadvark, thought i had been trimmin - one must have got through

> would you eat a slice from the fancy white cake with nice toppings and
> icing or the brown, slightly moldy one?

>>> this analog is flawed... a brown, moldy cake is broken -- it once
>>> was a cake but now it's flawed...

sorry, you missed my point, i was coming from more of a design aspect.

i feel theres alot to be said about presentation - early browsers limit your
design - and, well, NS 6 is supposed to be faster than earlier version (not
that i have seen it, infact id say it was definately slower then NS 4.7) and
mozilla - seems to be pretty quick, so there must be advantages to
upgrading, otherwise why bother?

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