[thelist] PWS dilemma

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Tue Dec 11 14:34:40 CST 2001

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> iis would be a good choice in this as well, especially if nt sysadmins are
> more readily available to her than unix sysadmins.  the security of the
> system is only as good as your sysadmin.

TYME} I too have recommended that she _not_ do this.  While the simultaneous
connections are not of issue (afterall, 'tis only 1 client using her app), I
stressed the security risks.

TYME} I did suggest that we explore the options for importing data (by way
of db) to her accounting software.  Then, I could set up a web interface for
her client to enter the data, which could in turn be imported to the CPA's
software package.  (The software package does not store a separate data file
that could be securely emailed...I am told.)  Have not researched the
accounting software (Great Plains) capabilities, but otherwise, this
approach is reasonable, huh?

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