[thelist] Contract help please

Burhan Khalid burhankh at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 11 15:22:43 CST 2001

Someone asked for smiliar information before :) It was easy to go back and 
just cut and paste this link :


(it might wrap)

They have a few sample contracts to get you started.
Good luck in your new found career!
Burhan Khalid

[ snip ]

So what I am asking for is if someone could send me a sample contract?

[ snip ]

mushkil hai zabas kalaam mera ai dil
sun sun ke ise suKhan_varaa.N-e-kaamil
aasaan kahane kii karate hai.n faramaaish
goim mushkil vagaranaa goim mushkil

Too hard to grasp is my verse, O heart!
Hearing it, the connoisseurs of art
For a simpler style do ask
Difficult, if I write, difficult, if I do not

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