[thelist] htaccess/PHP/MySQL?

Tony Grimes algrimes at acs.ucalgary.ca
Tue Dec 11 17:47:13 CST 2001

Hey dudes,
     Is there any way to password protect a directory with htaccess, while
maintaining a username/passwd database with PHP/MySQL instead of using
htpasswd? We were thinking of using mod_auth_mysql, but we do not have
root on the hosting server and therefore don't have access to the
httpd.conf file. Is there any other way to do this?
     All we really need is an easy way to maintain a username/password 
list (used to protect an ftp directory, among others) that changes 
frequently. Currently, all 100-150 members have the same userid and
password (using an htpasswd file). PHP/MySQL isn't crucial, but
would be a bonus. Any help would be much appreciated.


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