[thelist] How do you handle search engine optimization?

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Tue Dec 11 21:19:07 CST 2001


I have a client that wants his website to appear at the top of the
search engines. Now, what I am not asking is how to get it there, that
will be figured out later.

What I am asking is how do people handle this issue in their own designs
and design companies? I have read several articles on this topic and
there seems to be two trains of thought on the matter;

1. Do everything in house, search engine placement is really not that
hard and can be done as an afterthought to the overall design of the

2. Search engine placement is a science and needs to be studied full
time. So, if you are going to handle it in house, hire someone to make
that their profession and to do it full time and place that as one the
priorities when initially designing the site. Tailor all the content,
the key words, links, etc for search engine placement while at the same
time designing an accessible website.


Send that part of the design out to a company that specializes in that
exact thing and knows the market and science.

So, now I ask, what do all of you people think and how do you handle the
topic of search engine placement when negotiating, designing, and
managing your clients websites?



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