[thelist] older browsers - why are people still using them?

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>BUT it doesn't change the fact that - the technology is evolving and the
>is a new media - and as such - the poor clients who don't want to alienate
>anybody - is a way of saying - we've spent enough - we don't want to

Which means they're happy as long as the site works reasonably well for

>which is in complete contradiction to what the web is.

Really? Whose definition is that?

>It's not about compliancy - it's just about money -

Hardly surprising. Pretend I'm a client. I have $10k to invest in
I'm going to invest it in whatever brings the best long term (ideally)
That might be an intranet, an internet site, an extranet, web enabling my
procurement... or it might just be pumped into better benefits for my
staff, or a larger expenses budget for my sales force, or relocating one
of my procurement guys to the offices of our biggest supplier.

That's the deal - I pay you to improve my business. If you don't want
fine - please yourself and change your job title to 'artist'. But if you
want to
work for my shilling, that's the objective.

>whereas we, as the developing
>community, we code backward - instead of having an easier life

If you're not scheduling and charging clients appropriately for the work
to meet their objective of "Don't unnecessarily exclude users based on
technology platform", then it's your choice and your problem - take the
to fix it or stop complaining.

>- it's not as
>if I have my regular 2 days off a week and a regular income, or a regular
>life or... whatever other regular activities that people outside the web

psst - Carole. This industry isn't unique in that.


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