[thelist] Another Way To Determine If You Should Support Old Browsers

Pat Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Wed Dec 12 11:27:30 CST 2001


Yes, I agree. The reason for the post was that all I ever seem to hear
people discussing are "stats" from logs and other tracking programs and
those stats can be very deceiving. Tracking browsers via form submissions
can show a very different picture. The often repeated stat that 20% of your
customers provide 80% of your revenue probably is also applicable to
business conducted on the web. I think that it's important to try and
identify the actual customers to find out if the site is working for them,
and then to expand outward. The next thing is to make sure that you are not
cutting out a segment of potential business just because they use a
different OS (like making the fonts so small, Mac users can't read it).

> So part of the analysis is a bit of thought around:
> "Does the low number of (eg) Netscape/Mac users mean
> a) Our market (potential customers) doesn't use Netscape/Mac
> or
> b) Our market *does* use Netscape/Mac, but we're just serving them
>    badly?"


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