[thelist] permissions problem with new IIS5 setup

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Wed Dec 12 17:38:49 CST 2001

No, that's not a dumb question at all. In fact, that's really a very good
question; a question approaching transcendant.

Thanks. That fixed it.

That's so stupid.


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> Okay, here is a dumb question, but, after you set up the server did you
> move the files into it or did you copy them in. If you move them then
> IIS will ask for authentication in order to view them. The files retain
> the permissions they had on the last folder which did not include
> internet permissions. Whereas, when you copy the files, they inherit the
> permissions of the folder they are being copied to.
> This is something that used to drive me crazy.
> If this is the case, simply copy the files into the IIS directory from
> where ever they are stored on your computer.
> /chris
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> I just built a Win2K server for some temporary testing. I was pretty
> sure I set it up just like ALL THE OTHERS I've built which worked just
> fine, but no matter what I do (file perms, IIS permissions wizard,
> pounding head on desk) it challenges for authentication when I try to
> http to the site using http://localhost or http://IPaddress or
> http://machine_name . That might be okay, but nothing I enter will
> authenticate, either. Tried every possible combination of
> anonymous/basic/NT auth as well.
> Opens fine in file mode (c:\\inetpub\wwwroot\etc\blah) but of course,
> that limits the funtionality of the SSI.
> Today is not my favorite day. Can I get a refund?
> spinhead
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