[thelist] Alternatives to Frames? (was: Jumping In With Both

Mike Hardaker mike at angloinfo.com
Fri Dec 14 06:21:06 CST 2001

> I moved to France not long ago


> On of the ISP's sites used both frames and JavaScript to control them- which
> totally broke google's service (I was unable to follow the links). What was
> worse, is that the site used flash for some crucial information, which of
> course google was unable to translate.

I think you've just described a "typical" French Web site. Surfing the local Web
(I'm also a French resident) is like an object-lesson in Doing Stupid Things
With HTML...

I'd almost recommend a session on French sites for every developer who wants
real-world examples of why the tings sensible people refer to as Bad Things are
actually bad!

For an undisciplined rant on the subject, you may find
http://connect.angloinfo.com/cca/byte6.asp amusing...


Mike Hardaker
Founder & Publisher - AngloINFO

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