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joseph gannon ganemanrussell at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 08:53:39 CST 2001

A good example of how the techique is used effectively
is at Sun http://www.sun.com/


--- Marc Seyon <seyon at delime.com> wrote:
> At 12/13/2001 10:07 AM, you wrote:
> >Evolters :
> >
> >I'm sure you all have seen the cookie crumbs
> navigation technique, ie.
> >
> >Home > Products > Widgets > Widget001 > Details >
> Purchase
> >
> >I was wondering if such a navigation system (when
> combined with others) 
> >provides a better user experience? Or does it tell
> the user (hey, I think 
> >you are too dumb to follow your way around)? Any
> opinions on this would be 
> >appreciated.
> <Response/personal peeve>
> I've been doing something of an informal test.
> Whenever I find a really 
> great article (usually by following a direct link),
> after reading it I go 
> to the site's homepage, and attempt to refind the
> article, using the site's 
> navigation/search functionality.
> Wanna know how often I succeed? Seldomly. Quite
> often I am unable to even 
> refind the SECTION I was in. Wanna know how often I
> succeed without having 
> to jump through flaming hoops and other such
> impracticalities? Almost never.
> I've noticed on most sites that go more than a
> couple levels deep, 
> navigating the site is an exercise in futility. In
> almost all these cases, 
> cookie crumbs would help immensely!
> So what's my rationale for this test? If I follow a
> link (from another 
> site) to a great article, chances are I'll want to
> look for other similar 
> articles on the same level of that site.
> regards.
> -marc
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