[thelist] Jumping In With Both Feet

Chad Savage jg3_savage at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 10:30:58 CST 2001

--- Paul Backhouse <paul.backhouse at 2cs.com> wrote:
> Chad,
> 	find your target audience - who is the website
> actually for?


> From: Karen J. Bowen
> Sent: 11 December 2001 10:54
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> Subject: Re: [thelist] Jumping In With Both Feet
> Hi Chad,
> I notice your front page comment - "(Sorry - I'm
> and can understand where you're coming from with
> NN4.x (who couldn't!)
> However, Mozilla/Netscape 6.2+ are browsers
> definitely worth coding for...


Thanks, both - I'm a little boggled at how many
responses my first post has generated, although only
about 1% are in response to my original questions ;)

I've come to hold the opinion that Netscape did itself
a great disservice by releasing Netscape 6 Beta in the
way that they did -- it *clearly* wasn't ready for
mass consumption, but it was promoted as if it were a
final release. As a result, when I realized that sites
that had been formatted to work in NS/IE 4+ on both
Mac and PC DIDN'T work in NS 6, I just about went

With the advent of NS 6.2 I'm starting to thaw a
little -- looks like they're trying to iron out the
bugs, and I don't hold grudges, but geez...

Anyhoo, thanks everybody that's responsed - I feel
much better and definitely more informed as I delve
into my re-design. I'm also realizing that, although I
started my first meager attempts at web design in 1997
and now do it for a living, there's a world of stuff
I've never really gotten into
(Graphic-design-for-print and illustration background)
that I really *should* get into...


*splodey - v. To explode in a comic or entertaining
fashion. [See also: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac,
Invader Zim, Jhonen Vasquez]

That's when I gave up on Netscape.

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