[thelist] text-align:left and I.E. 6 (and now NN4.7)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 16 22:16:09 CST 2001

> From: "Sharon F. Malone" <sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com>
> Dig (I think). I'm going to experiment on my own site. In the
> meantime, I used ppk's and rudy's suggestion of eliminating the URI
> from the DTD and removing text-align: left ; altogether for the
> client's site.

that will work, and it's not wrong, but i prefer to keep the DTD in my 
page... as such, the suggestion i made was based on that 
premise... dunno if it's a good approach until you try it...

> So if I'm understanding you right, the master.css file (from the code
> on your algonquin page) would be the complete CSS remote file
> **without** the p,td {text-align: left ;} reference. and the @import
> "navbars.css" file would be the complete CSS remote file **with** the
> {text-align: left ;} reference included since NN4.7 doesn't recognize
> this file to begin with. And, I would leave the URI in. And there
> would be no reference in the body of the individual pages to
> style=text-align: left .I'm using the same DTD and URI as you do.
> Am I digging?

yes... added benefits include the ability to include your line-height 
and margin/padding styles in the CSS called via @import without 
worrying about the NN4.x rendering bugs related to these 
attributes... i also use it to make them neat CSS rollover thingies 
(which i pilfered from another evolter's tutorial, althogh i don't recall 
who right now)

> Would I also need to include the javascript you have directly
> underneath or does this refer to something else? 

that chunk of JS is to break the page out of frames... i got tired of 
sites like about.com and a bunch of local places linking to articles 
on the algonquin site as framed pages so they could get their ad 
revenue, so now i just use the JS to jump out of the frames...

> By the way, the Algonquin Studios Home page is beautiful, simply
> beautiful...as is the entire site. And easy to navigate too.

glad to hear that, thanks...  makes me feel a little better about 
what was a rushed design with a lot of usability assumptions 
without as much testing as i would have liked...

didja like the xmas lights?  you should have seen them in all their 
glory as a Flash movie at our holiday party...

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