[thelist] Amazon URLs for Associate program

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Dec 21 10:40:21 CST 2001


very cool, i really like the way you've colour-coded your code and shown
the line numbers in that layout that looks sorta like note paper

it's a really nice liquid table, too -- in other words, i can see the code
wrap and yet i'm conscious that it's one line of code because of the line

that all looks handcoded, am i right?  must have taken a while

in fact, the layout is so good, the code really shines, and requires no
further explanation, because it's so easy to read and comprehend this way

and even if need, explanatory comments could follow the code and talk about
it by line number



your ad banners never loaded, just stayed on the hourglass, in fact
aspalliance.com/chrisg has stopped working altogether -- hmmm, must be the
"evolt effect"

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