[thelist] using SQL to create Table column in Access

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sun Dec 23 22:39:46 CST 2001

On Dec 23, Marc Seyon had something to say about [thelist] using SQL to...

>Seasons' greetings to the list,
>Using an Access 2000 database...
>When creating Tables with SQL, I know how to set a column's datatype to 
>variable length text, but this only gives me a max of 255 characters - 
>columnname varchar(255).
>Access has a 'memo' datatype, is there a way to create it with SQL?

This is a bit ambiguous.

You mean use SQL to alter the table in Access? Or do you mean create a
memo-like field in Microsoft SQL Server?

I'd give both answers, but the former is potentially a long one.



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