[thelist] Business/Payment Question........

iibiz sales at iibiz.com
Sat Dec 29 07:46:03 CST 2001

"I trust clients until I have a reason not to" - and Aardvark mentioned
trust in his first email too.

And this client has already shown me they can't be trusted, even thought
there is a contract.

And I've been on this list long enough to value Aardvark's opinion.

Unfortunately, the site in question is a small business and a rather small
site whose changes aren't consistent enough for them to agree with
"prepayment" terms.

By the way - I am an independent "she".

I guess I'm at the point that I'm willing to let this client "walk" if they
don't agree.  I'm sick of jumping at the snap of their fingers - often
interupting work I'm doing for other, higher paying/fast paying clients,
only to waste time over the next couple of months trying to get my money!

I just was trying to get a feel for what you other designers are doing as
far as payment, so I could confidently say "this isn't unusual practice in
web design" or not.

Thanks for ALL your input.........and get some sleep!


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