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Hello Profijj

About the JavaScript issue, even though I want a site functional without
the need for JavaScript support it was not possible to do so because of
how the information had to be presented.......the navigation in the
original site was really confusing at times and in my opinion u had to
use the site and get the hang of it a before being able to move around
properly.  Because of that I wanted a more efficient navigation scheme
and my choices were JavaScript or Flash.....and since JavaScript is
built into the browser I naturally went that way.........so unless there
is another way of doing this (remember I am new to web design and
development) I don't think I can do otherwise.  The next posting of the
updated site due at the end of January will test for JavaScript support
and notify the user.....i hope this cleared it up a little???

The coding will be cleaned up and converted to XHTML as the final
activity of the project.......i am concentrating on posting a working
site right now. There logos are going be as u suggested and I'm hoping I
get them before the middle of January.........thanks for the Alt text
tip tho.......i'll put them as well!!!!!

Thanks for your feedback

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One thing about design, is to make allownace for as many possible
scenarios as possible.

- What if I turned off my Javascript?

Then your site is left with no navigation.

Maybe a good idea is to :~

A) All of the links at the top for the menu ~ "Procaribe,
Capgernet,...".  Instead of the #, tie in a page with the plain links
for all the pages in the drop down menu.
B) Have a sitemap of all the major pages, that way everyone is taken
care of.
C) Have some text links somewhere on the site.

- the headlines graphic looks a bit jaggered @ the top edge, when It

- not a must, but might look a bit better, why not leave procicaribe
logo @ the top left corner on all the pages, and then have the other
sites logo in the right hand side.

-also, u could remove the extra comments that really are not necessary

	"<!--   This table was automatically created with Macromedia
Fireworks 4.0   -->"

-The page last updated, could be positioned near the bottom, preferably
not @ the top, as it looks like that is one of the  main focal points of
the page.

- http://www.procicaribe.org/main/structure.htm ~ on this page, you can
use an alt text for the image, should it get broken up and/or for better

Other than that gr8 job.

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