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Chad Savage had wondered,
> > At the risk of opening up a can of worms, I'd be
> > interested to hear opinions on the use of frames in a
> > website,

Rebecca Milot-Bradford responded,
> One thing to keep in mind is that if you put all of your navigation in one
> frame and your content in another frame, then if someone follows a search
> engine link to a page of content, they have NO IDEA how to find the rest of
> the site.

Sorry to leap into an apparently-defunct thread, but it's been a nasty
semester at school & i'm only just slogging through the digests. . .

A while back (as in a couple years. . .) the PlanetOut.com site had a
setup whereby a chunk of javaScript on every article page checked to
see if it was the top window or just a frame.  if it wasn't in it's
frameset, it would automatically load in the whole big frameset.  I
thought it was a pain in the tuchus and frequently turned off jS
temporarily when i read my PO news after i figured out what they were
doing, but it might work for you.  As noted, the usual js caveats
apply, and you'd probably want to use some sort of server scripting to
keep your workload down, but it might work for you. . .

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