[thelist] IE Problem - [perhaps a bit OT]

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Mon Dec 31 21:20:06 CST 2001

At 12:30 AM 12/30/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm messing about on my mum's PC - using Win95. After replacing the modem
>(the old one had hamsters in it) I downloaded IE5.5SP2 and installed it. And
>now whenever I start up the PC I get the IE4 Welcome window pop up. Except
>it looks for res://ie4tour.dll/welcome.htm then comes up with the cannot
>find server error. So there is no "dont show me this again" checkbox type
>I've looked about in the registry but I cant see where the hell its called.
>Anybody have any ideas how I can stop this?

Olly, a friend came up with this for you from the MS site:

1. Start regedit
2. Go to the key 
3. Double-click on the value "ShowIE4" and change the value data to "0" 
instead of "1".
4. Exit regedit
5. Reboot and the annoying IE4 welcome message should be history
If you wish it to actually work, see "How to Cause the Internet Explorer 
Welcome Screen to Appear"

Hope this is helpful.
Happy new years!

Peter Kaulback

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