[thelist] Re: [---forum] Question : Response redirect with framesets

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 1 20:15:05 CST 2002

rita, moved this to the correct list...

> From: "Rita Wilemon" <RitaWilemon at marioncountyfl.org>
> Does anyone know if you can target a frame using the response.redirect
> command?  I am using a flash button on an asp page and need to

response.redirect is a server-side directive... it works by sending a 
specific HTTP header to the browser (302, which means the page 
has moved, as opposed to 200, which means all is well)... the 
header includes the address of the new location of the page... most 
browsers will just go to the new address, and it'll be transparent to 
the user...

> recreate a cookie and change one frame in my frameset when flash
> button is clicked.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?  Am using
> Dreamweaver and have tried to create a redirect asp to call when
> button clicked to create cookie and redirect only but it seems to take
> me out of the frameset entirely.  (only option seems to be the parent
> on redirect with no reference to the specific frames in frameset)

nope... can't do it with a redirect...  you can't target that because it 
comes over in the HTTP headers...

i wish i could offer more, but i'm not sure what you're trying to 
accomplish... does the page you send the user to need to be 
pulled from the value of the cookie?  why can't you just code a URL 
into the button?

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