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Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Wed Jan 2 01:11:26 CST 2002

Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com wrote:
> Christopher noted:
> +| we have seen occasions where a user's browser will hang in
> +| what looks like
> +| the CFLocation process.
> This happens to me when I do complex redirects... a CFLOCATION to a page
> which does a CFLOCATION to the previous page -- in effect a run-away loop --
> consistently hangs the browser...
> What sometimes causes the occasional behavior is a conditional branch to the
> CFLOCATION, like, for instance, I have a login page which sends credentials
> to a security module, which does a CFLOCATION to the login page when
> credentials don't pass muster. I had set the cookie wrong once, or
> something, and the login page would subsequently hit the security module
> with the bad creds, and start the vicious loop again... the browser would
> hang only if there were bad creds stored. After I introduced code to clean
> this up, it got better!
> <rory disposition="overworked... and rushed, the no-list police are
> breathing at my back!" alt="8o"/>

I have read that the cf_location (a custom tag) available here can help
fix such issues. But really, you should look at your logic a bit closer.
Perhaps you have more going on than necessary.

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