[thelist] centering pop-up windows using dreamweaver

Jose Illenberger one at redberger.com
Wed Jan 2 06:36:41 CST 2002

hello steph,

ehehe. nothing's wrong with it. in fact i do it most often and prefer it
but for prototyping websites for clients, dw4 is way much faster. im looking
for a way wherein i can templatize this procedure using dreamweaver.
any advise?


> > hello!
> >  i am using DW4 and i have a question.
> > i am trying to do pop-up windows using dw and ive done it.
> > i have observed that the pop-up windows that dw produces
> > opens up randomly on the screen. i have seen on other sites
> > that pop-ups can open in certain parts of the screen accdg to whatever
> > coordinates you specify. ive peeked at their code and it
> > seems to have been
> > handcoded. my question is, can i reproduce such a thing using
> > dreamweaver
> > and if yes, how?
> Hi jose,
> What's wrong with a little copy/paste, or even better, a little
> It's the basis of the profession, you know ;-)

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