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Wed Jan 2 10:10:22 CST 2002

Check out Extensis Portfolio for something like this. It fits all of
your requirements perfectly.



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This might be a contract job for someone...

A photographer friend of mine is bidding a job for a new client, and he
wants to include information and potential costs for implementing an
image database from within the client company's network.

His basic description of the project:
> A  multinational corporation would like to have a central image server

> available to its people in far-flung locations. It would need to be 
> accessible in their current network environment. There could be as 
> many as 10,000 high resolution images stored on this server. It would 
> have to be searchable via a visual database with keywording. Certain 
> vendors would need ftp access to upload new images as they are created

> on a daily basis.

That could mean just implementing an available product, or a more custom
solution. If you have some experience with this kind of thing and would
like to discuss the project, contact Jeff Schaffer Shaffer/Smith Photo
LLC Hartford,CT - USA 860-236-4080 fax 860-232-5097
shaffersmith at earthlink.net http://www.shaffersmith.com

Good luck,

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