[thelist] Image database consultant needed?

Ed emagin at onebox.com
Wed Jan 2 10:54:05 CST 2002

Check out fotki.  It's a very good example of an online photo storage system
(although it is album oriented it's a clean implementation.)
It runs on FreeBSD, and has C++ code to compress large images on the fly to
create albums. You could, of course buy it from them and modify it to retain
originals, etc.


Did you consider that if there are users in far-flung places around the
world, and you are working with hi-res imagery, you will have bandwidth

 : Thanks Chris,
 : I know about Portfolio (the photographer uses it). I just thought that:
 : a) there might be more to it than that
 : b) someone might be interested/experienced in getting that, or any other,
 : system up and running for them in an efficient, timely,
 : professional manner

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