[thelist] SQL time problem

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Jan 2 12:09:53 CST 2002

>... filedate (datetime), and filetime (datetime).  Filedate contains
> the date the image, filetime contains the time of the image

hi jeff

actually, they both contain both date and time -- in sql/server, a datetime
field is the only choice you get, and it always contains both date and time

>  In other word if I am searching by date and time, I want to query
> the date from the filedate field and the time from the filetime field.

you *want* to do it that way?   can i ask why?

why not just use one field, FileDateTime?

you commented out the following code --

   <!---and FileTime >= #CreateODBCTime(form.from_time)#--->

which seems to indicate you are testing a datetime against a time (i've
never used CreateODBCTime so i'm not sure)

also, be careful how you insert datetime values into the table -- if you
insert dates, the times will get set to midnight


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