[thelist] December stats for evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 2 13:54:21 CST 2002


December stats for the gamut of evolt.org websites have hatched:

Page Views:	667,000(new record by over 100,000!)
Hosts Served:	88,000
Page Views/day:	22,400
Data transfer:    79Gb(beating last months record - again)
Data transfer/day: 2.6Gb

of interest(to me at least ;) :

top 5 referers for december were google(100k+ - top search term, 
'netscape themes'), chip.de(6900 - evolt and the browser archive got a 
really nice mention on one of germany's largest sites), slashdot.org 
(6700 - my 'bad robots' article *still* is pulling people in), 
altavista.com(6500 - apparently they're indexing again.. top search 
term, 'CV examples'), and google.de(2900 - google's german website, same 
top keyword as its american cousin..).

the number of netscape based browsers visiting evolt.org rose 
dramatically from last month. in november, about 171,000 total requests 
were made with netscape browsers. in december, that number shot up to 
221,000 requests from netscape browsers; an increase of about 50k total 
requests. the opera browser also enjoyed an increase of about 10K total 
requests compared to november.

people using mac based operating systems also jumped back ahead those 
using unix based operating systems to access the evolt sites after the 
unix folk enjoyed a one month lead in that category(windows based 
clients still dominate however), and the person using an atari based 
system who visited evolt last month didn't visit us in december :(

top 5 accounts on members.evolt.org in december were deadL0ck, lfloyd, 
kroet, djc(hi mom!), and waggener. continuing the longstanding trend, 
netscape based browsers were downloaded more often than their IE 
counterparts from browsers.evolt.org. for some odd reason, tuesday is 
the most common day people visit evolt.org sites.

for all that and more usefull/less information,
http://browsers.evolt.org/stats/stats.dec2001.html is the place to go

have fun, and as always, feel free to shout if there are questions or 
comments :)

-trying to find a witty title no one will get offended by-

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