[thelist] Simple graphics question (second posting)

Hershel Robinson hershelsr at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 2 14:06:57 CST 2002

I posted this yesterday but it seems to have gotten lost somewhere.  Here it
is again:

OK, I'm a programmer.  I do a bit of design here and there but I'm no pro.
Some things I can do and some things I can't do.

I have a client with a small graphics need.  He has the background GIF with
rollover for his buttons.  It's a little cloud.  Now I need to put the
different names of the buttons inside the GIFs.  I have to get the letters
to match (i.e. same position) in the normal and in the rollover versions and
I need to get the buttons to all match each other.

The second part I can probably do but the first part I can't do it exactly.
I don't have much in the way of graphics tools.  I have Corel PhotoHouse
which I usually use for simple graphics stuff and I have PBM and Kai Photo
Soap.  Aside from that, I have available the wide world of freeware for
Windows 2K :)

Any advice as to how to proceed is appreciated.

Hershel, who nearly failed 5th grade art class :)

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