[thelist] Writing articles for evolt.org (was: The use of color)

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 2 14:40:04 CST 2002

I absolutely adore Visibone Color Lab.

One great trick with it for nice color schemes you might not have thought
about - - click eight random colors, then delete the one that looks worst
with the rest of them. Continue deleting the oddest color until you get a
pleasing array.


> >Oh, and somebody wanted an easy way to find complementary colours. That's
> >simple. colorschemer i always used to love http://www.cyphen.com for all
kinds of awesome color
> goodies. but now that's been converted to something else.
> does anyone have a link for a page that works more like cyphen used to??

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