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Salvatore Palmisano spalmisano at usashs.com
Thu Jan 3 08:56:35 CST 2002

No you didnt misunderstand, I do have PS6 and currently use it to manually
create thumbnail images.
What Id like to find is something that'll do it server-side so I dont have
to maintain two sets of images (thumbs and originals).

All I want to do is place an image in the appropriate directory and have the
ASP do the rest. Currently ASP *does* do all the rest; it creates the table
for the thumb display, grabs whatever image the user clicks on, and extracts
the title and description of the image...all its missing is to create the
thumbnails on the fly.
There's no user-upload going on and we're not talking about hundreds of
images (its just a family photoalbum), so Im not too worried about the
server load.

The album is at http://palmisanonet.com if you want to see what Im talking


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i hate to sound like a dolt on this, but why would you make the
server do the image manipulation instead of automating it in
Photoshop (or ImageReady)?  i'm working on the assumption that
you have PS (based on previous posts, but i do confuse easily)...

i say this because this ASP function just seems like too much
work for the server to do... either it resizes the image *every* time
(which would be silly), or it does it once when requested, meaning
they all get resized within your testing timeframe (and you still have
different directories full of images)...

so why make the server do it, where you lose control over the
image quality and where it throws extra stress on the server that
can be done elsewhere?

i can understand it if you want people who are web-dull to be able
to upload a photo and have the system automagically create all the
different thumbnail sizes it needs, but this is for your personal site...

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