[thelist] css cascading order and browser support

Adam adam at hallinteractive.com
Thu Jan 3 09:16:20 CST 2002

ok friends
I need your brains

I have two probs with a website that i'm already behind on.


in the "our work > portfolio > packaging" section there are sub section
links where the options under "packaging" are available. In the interests of
setting up a visual hierarchy I wanted to set these options to 9px in my
external css
( http://www.hall-assoc.com/clients/hatest/main.css  -see a.sub:link).
however, in this same external css I've set values for the <li> list item
tag at 11px.

sooooo on my ie5.0 / mac9.1, on the "packaging" page the 9px declaration
seems to be overridden by another declaration, yet at the same time on the
clearchoice page the 9px declaration works fine.

Do I set priority to the a.sub:class using "!important" (isnt this also
another feature not supported in nn4?, -as the chart from
http://www.webreview.com/style/css1/charts/mastergrid.shtml tells me).
and if I should decide to use "!important" where do i put it? in the
reference to the external css? in the a.sub:link declaration? inline?
 doesn't the inline style override the external in the natural cascading
order? How do I get around this if at all? (time is of course an issue)
clearly my css is weak.

can anyone offer some insight into this?


<a href="#">


<a href="javascript:void(0);">

for links that should behave as links yet go nowhere.



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