[thelist] FWD: CF Developer Edition released . . .

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Thu Jan 3 16:25:04 CST 2002

This just came through on the CF-Talk list.

For those who don't realize, if you keep the Cold Fusion server Trial on
your machine for more than 30 days, it becomes a single IP version.
However, if you didn't have a licensed copy of ColdFusion Studio on your
machine and run Macromedia's patch to turn it into the Developer's edition,
you were apparently breaking the terms of the license.

I complained a lot on the stupidity of that policy, because some people
(like me) can't afford CF Studio [the extra features are nice, but being
$200-$300 more than HomeSite, they're not worth it to me] but still want to
develop ColdFusion apps.

Thankfully, the Powers That Be at Macromedia have listened [having Ben Forta
on the CF-Talk list probably helps] and released the free Developer Edition
of ColdFusion Server 5.

Here's a link to the FAQ:

(Note: The FAQ says it's available after Dec. 17 [i.e., now], but the
Macromedia Partner who posted the info on CF-Talk says January 7.  I guess
I'll believe the FAQ)

Scott Brady

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