[thelist] Taking over a now defunct site...

Michael Walter Mistak mwmistak at ofmanyhats.com
Fri Jan 4 09:26:00 CST 2002

I have been tasked with taking over a site that has now
been defunct for approx. a year.  I will not be using any
of the original graphics, code, or even the same host as
the previous webmaster.  The only think worth keeping is
the old domain name. 

My problem no one seems to know how to update the Domain
Name to point at the host I selected.  This usually isn't
a problem since 90% of domain names are registered through
NetSol (now Verisign). Unfortunately this domain name isn't. 

When I search the WhoIS Database I get the following information
about the Registrar: 

Registrar: NIC SERVICES 

I can't seem to find this on any registrar list... 

Does anyone know if this is part of some other company? 

Michael W. Mistak
President, Western Wayne County Young Democrats
Communications Director, Michigan Young Democrats
mwmistak at ofmanyhats.com
AIM Screenname: mwmistak
cell: 734-673-6194 

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