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Use Actions. What you do is you hit Record, then do the thing you 
want to save as an action, then stop recording. Actions are in the 
same palette with the History functions.

At 5:36 PM +1000 1/4/02, Adrian Fischer wrote:
>Does anyone know if this can be done in PSP 6.  I cant seem to find any way
>to save commands?
>Adrian Fischer
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>How much maintenance do images require? I have a make a new photoshop action
>for doing this that:
>1) adjusts levels according to a saved histogram (specific to that photo
>2) unsharp mask
>3) save a 640x480 jpg for web in 'large' folder
>4) make a square thumbnail selection
>5) crop
>6) resize to 80x80
>7) save thumbnail in 'thumbs' folder
>Running that action takes roughly 1 second per image and I can go get coffee
>while it runs. Image quality is great, as long as I take care to set
>everything up right in the action. OK...I don't know if you've gotten enough
>information so far, but the collective experience of this list is that, this
>(or similar, with the image software of your choice) is the 'best practice'
>for this kind of thing. Doing it on the server is not the 'best practice'
>for a variety of aforementioned reasons. Rewriting the HTML to force images
>to display as tiny thumbnails is absolutely assinine and defeats the purpose
>of having thumbnails in the first place.

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