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Julia Frizzell Julia_Frizzell at brown.edu
Fri Jan 4 09:56:04 CST 2002

Ignore my last post... I'm assuming you mean PaintShopPro 6. Silly 
me, saw a question I thought I could answer! I've not used my copy of 
PSP6 in a while, and it's on my Windows machine at home, so unless 
someone jumps in with an answer I can get one to you next week. :)


At 5:36 PM +1000 1/4/02, Adrian Fischer wrote:
>Does anyone know if this can be done in PSP 6.  I cant seem to find any way
>to save commands?
>Adrian Fischer
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>How much maintenance do images require? I have a make a new photoshop action
>for doing this that:
>1) adjusts levels according to a saved histogram (specific to that photo
>2) unsharp mask
>3) save a 640x480 jpg for web in 'large' folder
>4) make a square thumbnail selection
>5) crop
>6) resize to 80x80
>7) save thumbnail in 'thumbs' folder
>Running that action takes roughly 1 second per image and I can go get coffee
>while it runs. Image quality is great, as long as I take care to set
>everything up right in the action. OK...I don't know if you've gotten enough
>information so far, but the collective experience of this list is that, this
>(or similar, with the image software of your choice) is the 'best practice'
>for this kind of thing. Doing it on the server is not the 'best practice'
>for a variety of aforementioned reasons. Rewriting the HTML to force images
>to display as tiny thumbnails is absolutely assinine and defeats the purpose
>of having thumbnails in the first place.

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