[thelist] Understanding my stats

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 4 12:30:17 CST 2002

Hey Chris -

CDitty wrote:

> have forgotten alot about how this works.  Can someone tell me if my 
> interpretation is correct?
> Unique visitors - 25,707
> Number of visits - 75,234 - 3 visits/visitor
> Pages - 1,216,471 - 16 pages/visit
> Hits - 7,339,708 - (97.55 hits/visit)
>  From what I can remember, Uniques are the most important.  Then comes 
> page views. (atleast that used to be the case.)  Hits is pretty much 
> useless because that is every single request of page, graphics, whatever.
> How am I doing?

sounds good so far.. are the above stats for the month?

> Now, to get the average daily traffic, I divide the figures above by 
> number of days.  This gives me...
> Uniques: 98,873
> Page Views: 46,787
> Visits: 2,893
> Is all this correct?  Are these stats considered good anymore?

where are you getting the number of uniques? Above, you have 25,000 
unique vistors, which in an average month would give you just under 1000 
unique vistors a day(on average)..

maybe i'm confused or not fully understanding, if so, clarify for me and 
we'll work it out :)


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