[thelist] looking for easier way to build long forms

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Fri Jan 4 13:31:13 CST 2002

Hi Bill,

I used to be in the research business .. a looooong time ago.  Even back
in the stone age when I was a participant there were software packages
you could buy to automate survey design and analysis.  I remember
looking at some of them and may have even bought a few.

A quick search on google for 'questionnaire software' turned up a number
of suspects that might be worth investigating.  [I haven't used this
kind of stuff lately - so I don't have any firsthand recommendations -

There are also any number of services, (like the one run by fellow
evolter Ryan at surveymonkey), that would probably let you turnkey as
much of the whole process as you like (or can afford) - so set a budget
and a timeline and nap the afternoon away!    ;-)


(Who's even hired keypunch services to enter data returned from mail
surveys to speed up the process on the analysis side.)

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From: Bill Lovett [mailto:bill at ilovett.com]

let's further say that your work
entails coding a rather long questionnaire form, which promises
to be thoroughly monotonous and tedious. Do you unleash your 
flying fingers of fury unto the keyboard and just slog your way
through, or are there applications/scripts out there that can be
fed the relenvant information (question text, field type, field
name, field value) and spit out the html for you?

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