[thelist] OT: postprocessor to strip some disclaimers out of digest mode

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Jan 4 16:20:45 CST 2002

Madhu Menon wrote:

> As much as I hate those annoying disclaimers, I also realise that many 
> employers force it upon their employees. Martin, unfortunately, has 
> little choice in the matter :(

true, and thankfull martin chooses to post from other email accounts 
from time to time saving kevin's perl script some work ;)

>> <tip type="mail signatures" author="digger">
>> The standard .signature delimiter is a hard return, two hyphens, one
>> space, and another hard return: "-- ".  The trailing space is
>> critical to recognizing the .sig delimiter.
>> Your email program should use it to *strip signatures when composing
>> replies*.  If it does not do that it is broken, regardless of any other
>> capabilities it may boast.
>> </tip>

this is a good tip to pass along.. FWIW, I switched thelist sig a couple 
weeks ago so it'd look like this as well. in clients that support 
it(netscape, mozilla, and some web based email clients) thelist footer 
is now stripped off automagically when you reply. saving people on the 
digest mode a lot of headaches :)



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