[thelist] php/mysql : selecting all rows that match a date range

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Fri Jan 4 17:10:21 CST 2002

Hi John,

Congrats!  Looks like the added "AND films.filmID = showings.filmID"
where condition got rid of your duplicates.  [Which makes sense ... as
things like this usually do --- afterwards!]   ;-)

Yep - that ole 'date add' function can be very useful!

(Who did quite a bit of playing around with dates this week - writing an
app that dynamically pulls data from the last two months - but had to
straddle year-end boundaries because one table contains 12 months of
data for "this year" and a different table contains 12 months of data
for "last year". {Oh, and 'completed months' only get written to the
table on the 8th of the following month - so today 'last month' is
November instead of December!} Wheeeee!)

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