[thelist] The use of color (was site header and logo)

Alliax damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 4 17:57:21 CST 2002

-----Original Message by me-----
Heather, I was not interrested in getting the inverse of a RGB color,
because I already worked the solution out, it wasn't that hard :-)
But as far as my art theory goes, inverse colours are not specialy useful
visually, except for black and white.. (perhaps I don't see the obvious
usefulness of inverse colours?)

It was just that I recently heard of a complimentary color to each color,
and I thought I could use that in order to create visually pleasing sites
without choosing the base colour myself.

------current message--------------

Much to my distress, when actually working on it, I realised that inverse
color and complimentary color is the same
(as for Photoshop)

for example I take Blue
RGB is 0 0 255
HSB is 240° 100% 100%

I do a reverse, it's yellow
RGB is 255 255 0
HSB is 60° 100% 100%

note that the H roation is 180°

Well, this would means that the complimentary color of Blue is Yellow ?
but by reading this page and using their color circle
If I take the blue, and I do a 180° rotation, I fall on a ORANGE color..

Well, I am stuck I don't understand exactly how they manage to do this color
circle, obviously it's not a RGB -> HSB otherwise I should obtain the same
values, no?

If someone understand what's wrong in my reasoning, it would help me going

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