[thelist] RegEx Fun

Raymond Camden jedimaster at macromedia.com
Fri Jan 4 19:01:56 CST 2002

> [[:space:]] means "A space-type character"
> [^[:space]] means "NOT a space-type character"
> [[:alnum:]*] means "Keep going until you hit something that isn't
> alphanumeric"
> <tip type="ColdFusion Regular Expressions">
> The POSIX classes are covered in the CF documentation, but what isn't
> documented is how to use ascii character values, which is 
> important if you
> are ever going to be working with line breaks:
> [^[:cntrl:]13]* means "Keep going until the end of the line"
> </tip>

Something else not in the docs - [[:blank:]] 

:blank: is space & tab, while :space: is :blank: + line breaks

To see this in action:

This is Raymond Camden
This is another test
Line 3

<CFSET T1 = REReplace(Test,"[[:space:]]","","ALL")>
<CFSET T2 = REReplace(Test,"[[:blank:]]","","ALL")>


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