[thelist] Visio Web Site Map feature

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Jan 4 19:16:29 CST 2002

OK, I've *just* started using Visio (as of yesterday), so I'm at 
the utter bottom of the learning curve, but ...

The Web site mapping capability seems like a great thing but it 
creates a rather "spready" diagram. Doubleclicking on an HTML or 
ASP icon collapses or expands the node (hides or displays links
"below" it). Cool, that helps a lot. 

Unfortunately, I don't use ASP or many static .html pages;  most 
of my pages have extensions of .jsp (or .php). I can add JSP to the 
map dialog (under Extensions) but can't see a way to give it the 
same behavior as an ASP or HTML link.

And if I try to add it as an extension under ASP or HTML I'm curtly
informed "This criteria cannot be modified." Arrgghhh.

Any fixes? Failing that, any favored resources for Visio questions? 

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