[thelist] MySql - checking two tables at once.

Adrian Fischer adrian at logo-logic.com
Sun Jan 6 00:56:12 CST 2002

Yet again I come with cap in hand...

I have to two tables (tblAdvise and tblEmails) each of which have got email
addresses in them.  Each table serves a seperate function.  When someone
unsubscribes I need to be able to search both the tables for the email
address to see if its one that actually exists and if it does delete it from
the table.

I know how to do each to do each of the tasks seperately but would like to
be able to do something like this:

my $db = &dbconnect;
&death("We don\'t seem to have anyone subscribed with that Email
Address!<BR>Have you typed it correctly?<BR>($form{'EMAIL'})") unless
$db->selectrow_array("SELECT Email FROM tblAdvise tblEmails WHERE
Email='".sqlEncode($form{'EMAIL'}) ."' ");

$dbh=$db->do("DELETE FROM tblAdvise tblEmails WHERE
Email='".sqlEncode($form{'EMAIL'}) ."' ");

but I cant get it to work.  I'm pretty sure the &death bit is working
because I can actually get past taht point.  but it doesnt delete the email.
If I do it for just the tblAdvise it works fine.

Your help would be appreciated.


Adrian Fischer

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