[thelist] Problem with SQL Intersect query

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Jan 6 09:09:58 CST 2002

>So if the table has authors and I ask for all records
>where author is "A" union all records where author is
>"B" etc, I get the correct records.
>With intersect used as a subsetting condition
>(exclusion) they cannot be composed with more than a
>single intersection.

hi joel

patient:  doc, it hurts when i do that
doctor: so don't do that

INTERSECT as a set operator is all fine and good but not if you can't get
it to work, eh?

i can't tell from your description what's wrong, i'd have to see the sql

of course, there were ways of doing these sorts of things before these set
operators were added to sql, so one option is to code it up the old way

for example,

>  records where author is "A"
> union all
>  records where author is "B"

could be done with

    where author in ("A", "B")



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