[thelist] Two Questions about E-mails

Athena Janiszewski athenaj at rogers.com
Sun Jan 6 09:21:50 CST 2002

If you are sending email through some kind of script (whether it be perl,
asp, cold fusion, whatever) you have to specify the from address as well as
the to address.

What most of these places probably do is loop through the email addresses
(sending an email at each loop iteration), and output the email address as
both the "to" and "from" addresses. . hope that makes sense. Or if the "to"
and "from" addresses are those of the sender, they must have used the "bcc"
field to direct email to all their users. You can do this too in any email


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> Hello Everybody,
> Sometimes I receive an e-mail from some sender. In "To:" and
> "From:" fields
> of the mail same address is seen and this address is of the sender.
> Here's the example:
> To:        Someone at Somedomain.com
> From:    Someone at Somedomain.com
> How is it made possible?

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