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> From: Jared M. Spool
> 1) How do you get here?

media professionals will be directed to this site if they call the client
about stock photography.

> You mentioned that this is for media professionals
> looking to get stock photography. Right now, you have
> 42 images on the site. I'm assuming you'll have
> hundreds, maybe thousands at some point.

i'm guessing that's the case -- that's really up to the client.

> If that's the case, how will shoppers find the images
> specific to their needs? This is a place where a lot of
> sites fall short.

hopefully the user will use the search functionality.  after that it's up to
the client being as descriptive of the image as possible.  maybe if they end
up with hundreds or thousands of images we'll want to attach keywords to
images to make the search easier.

> 2) Are you giving them enough?
> Once shoppers find an image, are you giving them enough
> information to make their purchase decision? We've found
> that it's not always obvious to the design teams how
> shoppers decide on purchases.
> [snip]
> My concern with your design (and, again, I'm not a user
> and don't *really* know if this is going to be a problem
> or not) is that you may not be giving shoppers enough
> information about the image.
> Are the sizes (h & w) the same? Are you giving them the
> right information? Will they need to see a larger image
> (maybe with a watermark to prevent usage without
> purchase) to make their decision? What's the price of
> the image?

as it turns out this is a free resource.  it doesn't cost anything to
download any or even all of the images.

some of your questions regarding sizes are valid though.  i've asked about
whether or not it's important to tell the user how big (both height & width
and filesize) the low and high resolution images are.  i'm not even opposed
to giving the user links to view each version if they wanna wait for it to
load.  however, in the end, the client turned these things down.  perhaps
we'll see them in a future revision/upgrade of the site.

> I hope this helps.

yes, very much so.  even if some of it i can't apply to this project, i can
certainly apply to other projects we have that are actual e-commerce



jeff at members.evolt.org

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