[thelist] Stats Application - Dynamic Pages

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Sun Jan 6 20:42:51 CST 2002

 >>I need a good stats application that can analyze and track hits to 
dynamic pages
 >>Something like this:
 >>cgi?id=10999		2700 visits

Check out Summary - http://www.summary.net/

In my experience, it blows the doors off of WebTrends, and it does have the 
feature you want - there is a demo version available so that you can check 
it out. The version I bought only cost $249.

If memory serves, the specific item you are asking about is in the 
Configuration under Goals/Subsets. Someone here who has used it longer than 
I have may be able to be more specific, but I think you will find it 
extremely easy to use. :)

Susan Wallace

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