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Dave W dw at clara.co.uk
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"Tea and crumpets"?

You wouldn't be from dear old Blighty would you?

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> Bill,
> Ok... are we talking about news.php as the same page name as
> before? If I go
> to Goolge, and type in 'north country public radio', I get a
> bunch of pages
> for your site, one of them being /news.php - so it does seem to
> be in their
> index... and, if I click on 'cached page', it comes up looking
> all complete
> 'n all...
> The date at the top of the page says December 6, 2001 - different than the
> date on the actual news page.  Is this what you're talking about?  Was the
> one that is indexed by Google dynamic as well (I sort of assume it is, if
> it's got a .php extension)?
> I think I'm mostly talking it out, to see if I'm maybe missing something
> here.
> Some thoughts:
> - If the one that is indexed currently with Google _is_ in fact dynamic,
> then I guess just wait until googlebot stops by for tea and crumpets
> again...
> - If the old page indexed with Google is not dynamic, and Google doesn't
> seem to be indexing the new site, and there are no other web sites on the
> planet that are linking to your site (that's a depressing
> thought) I suppose
> somehow you might have been removed from their crawl list....?
>     - If that's the case, submit your URL to them to have it
> included in the
>       next crawl...
> - A couple of other indirect ways to get listed and ranked higher are to
> ensure that the link to your site gets put on other sites... also
> Yahoo and
> DMOZ share their links with Google.
> Aaaaaanyway.  These are all off the top of my head, and prolly full of
> holes.  Hope it helps...
> Chris.
> [snip]
> > However, what I've
> > found is that the static content has been indexed, but the
> dynamic has not.
> > Granted, the page has only had dynamic content for a short
> time, and perhaps
> > has not been crawled since its integration(?).
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