[thelist] file types

Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 9 22:53:31 CST 2002

Thanks Daniel...but no cigar...

I hit shift...right-click but  it (a gif) showed a dialog box that that has
he option of:
Save as.........bitmap file

not gif  there is no other dropdown options.
It used to detect the type and show Save as   ***.gif
I can view the images list and save target as  ***.gif but when I click on
the  images list/file just to the right it shows save as
untitled  with the option of only saving bitmap.
further...when I type in  ***.gif it saves it but the pic will not
initialize when I use it in html.

Russell Griechen
----- Original Message ----- > Russell Griechen wrote:
> > I am using IE 5.50
> > Usually when I right-click on a gif or jpg file it will save the file as
> > .gif or .jpg as the case may be.
> > Now...it does not give the option or even list the file.
> > Rather it show untitled in the file name and in the file type line it
> > only bmp option and no other option.
> > gifs saved and properly saved as ***.gif will not initialize...even a
> > background file.
> > In Window ME how do I associate these so that when I save a gif it is
> > under the correct name/filetype.
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