[thelist] PHP on Mac OSX

Fred Hubnik fredh at austin.rr.com
Thu Jan 10 09:24:03 CST 2002

I just wanted to thank Morbus for all the great articles on OReilly. In my
opinion, having Apache preinstalled in OSX more than makes up for the
occasional 'spinning rainbow' and makes me glad I finally made the switch.

<tip type="OSX and Classic Connections" author="Fred Hubnik">
When using a Classic application (such as Ultradev) to connect to a database
served from OSX on the same machine, some odd things have to be taken into

OSX basically thinks Classic is another machine on your LAN in situations
like this. So, from the Classic app, to connect to the database you cannot
specify 'Localhost' or '' as the host. You have to specify your
machine's actual IP address as listed in OSX's Network Preferences.

Back in OSX, you must give permissions in your database for your Username to
access the database from the IP address of your machine.

If this sounds odd, it is. But, the important thing to keep in mind is that
Classic and OSX are two different operating systems, treat them as two
different machines.

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