[thelist] PHP on Mac OSX

Fred Hubnik fredh at austin.rr.com
Thu Jan 10 10:17:38 CST 2002

on 1/10/02 9:28 AM, Morbus Iff transmitted:

> Does the same rule apply? If I throw in my IP address into an OS X
> browser, will it reach a server being run on the Classic side of things?

I'm not near my OSX machine either (the office is still scared of it). But,
I would assume this would be the case. I've never tried it because I try to
avoid Classic like the plaque now. But, if Classic thinks OSX is another
machine, and the MySQL databases served from OSX think Classic is another
machine, I would assume an OSX browser would behave the same way. Unless, of
course, there's a server running in OSX also.

Though, I'm not completely clear on how Classic gets its network settings. I
know it interfaces with OSX to achieve configuration but, I don't know how
it does it. So, the above reasoning may be complete bull.

> And thank you! Glad you liked them. Any suggestions for new stuff?

Just more customization stuff. Honestly, this is the first time I've ever
had this kind of access to a server. So, anything would be great.

I'd like to hear how that Classic server stuff goes. I don't have a server
installed in Classic so I can't test it.

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