[thelist] Use JavaScript includes to insert PHP into a site?

Chris George chrisg at gsnet.com
Thu Jan 10 17:00:45 CST 2002

Yeah, the log reports are at 55% Netscape users (mostly 4.7)... so I'd like
to avoid iFrame for my particular case.  But I _was_ thinking that that
would work too, and would be more practical for _large_ clumps of html to
poop out to the browser....

on 1/10/02 2:40 PM, Andrew Clover at and at doxdesk.com wrote:

>> document.write("<? PHPSTUFF ?>");
>> There's probably a better or more conventional method
> <iframe> springs to mind, as it'll work without JavaScript and you won't
> need all those document.write()s.

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